Event Pictures


Trip to Bucklers Hard 



The trip to Bucklers Hard to learn about ancient boat building was a really interesting one. 
The rows of houses there have hardly changed at all since they were built. 
 Some of the people were using their newly found photography skills.

 Watch this slide show of some of the pictures taken.


     Promotion on the Maritime Bus at Sea City Southampton



Walk the Walls Southampton 



Watch a slide show of some of the pictures taken : 



Spinnaker Tower Trip


 Watch a slide show of some of the pictures taken of this trip :-

          Pictures and People at the Spinnaker Tower Trip in Portsmouth.
 Old Camber Docks c1930                                                              Docks taken from the Spinnaker Tower
 HMS Vernon gate c1905                                                                         Gunwharf gate now
           Old Portsmouth                                                    Old Portsmouth taken from the Spinnaker Tower                               



 The trail started at the old Landport Gate Portsmouth.


  Nelson would have entered Portsmouth through Landport Gate, the main gateway in and out of the town.




     We passed the Portsmouth Grammar School it has occupied this site since 1926.

     Prior to that date the buildings formed part of the Army's Cambridge Barracks, built in 1856.


 Buckingham House.  As the Spotted Dog Inn, this building would have been a familiar sight to Nelson on his visits to the town and would have appeared much as it does today.  The Duke of Buckingham, was assassinated here on 23 August 1628.


      We passed John Pounds Memorial Church - At the rear of the garden is a reconstruction of John Pound's      workshop that existed nearby.  John Pounds would have been living in this property in 1805 working as a  cobbler. 



 Nelson's Bridge.  On 14 September 1805, Nelson walked over a

 wooden drawbridge in this very location as part of his last walk on dry land.  


Watch a slide show of the Nelson Trail





Greenwich Maritime Trip



Queen Mary taken at the same steps at Greenwich



 Mary Rose Trip

The group were treated to a fasinating day visiting The Mary Rose Museum where the 16th century wreck is housed in a space-age building :-